Reference Photos

I love taking reference photos for my paintings these days! My favourite thing about water is how the surface partially obscures what is living underneath and distorts into beautiful patterns. So lucky to live on the westcoast, couldn’t be more in love with the ocean.

Reference beach photography vancouver oil paintings
west coast reference image photography ocean rocks oil painting


My studio space, pretty minimal, hoping to get some nicer plants or decorations but just working on some water pieces for now! Really trying to dial my skills when it comes to painting water since thats something I deal with in my paintings a ton.

studio wip work in progress landscape oil painting westcoast yaletown realism hyperrealism female artist

My Paintings at the Space Gallery

Working with the Space has been so great the last month! Have works up here all the time but having a feature in the front space starting Oct 1! I find it so helpful to have dates to look forward to to encourage productivity.

gallery the space my work art oil painting yaletown vancouver original artwork